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Custom Board Icon

Many websites you visit may display a small Icon in the navigation bar of your browser (also known as a favicon); JFH's default to nothing but you can add one with a small edit to the Board Wrappers.

Please Note: This technique will not work in Internet Explorer unless future editions do not require the address bar icon to be in the ROOT folder. It works fine in Safari, Opera and Firefox as well as many other popular browsers.

Why doesn't this work in Internet Explorer?

As stated above, for this to work in Internet Explorer is because the icon would need to be placed in the boards root directory. By doing this your icon would show on every board on JFH.


  1. In your Board Wrappers, just below the <title><% TITLE %></title> line place:
    <link href="youriconname.jpg" type="image/jpg" rel="icon"/>
  2. You can edit the youriconname.jpg to link to your icon image.

Try and keep the icon the correct size (16×16 pixels is most common) and in the jpeg format although you can use others such as .png and .gif if you want transparency. You can host the image at any site but we recommended that you use the built in Filemanager of your Jcink Forum for optimal speed/reliability/insurance that your image will remain hosted. See the Filemanager tutorial for more info on how to do this.

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