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Some skins being added to the importer contain (Edit: —–) in the skins name. This means the part specified needs to be edited. (example: (Edit: Submenu)) means the submenu needs to be edited to fit your board.

If your skin has the edit sign, edit the skin set name to remove it when you import it, as the name will include it. This will look odd when your members go to the skin changer to select a new skin.

All edits to be made are in the board wrappers unless specified otherwise.

Below are types of edits you may need to make. The list will change when skins with new edit types are added to the importer.


All you need to do is edit the links that say http://boardname.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=PAGE NAME to fit your boards URL.

(Some of the links may say resourceempire.com/index.php?act=PAGE now since we are adding a few of the skins to our selector here.)

Usually to add more links, all you need to do is add the HTML link code to the end of the list. You should be able to determine how its don't by looking, though if you still are not sure the code is (unless it looks completely different which could be possible):

<a href=“http://boardname.b1.jcink.com/PAGE NAME”>LINK NAME</a>

*Hint - If you are unable to find the URL, press CTRL + F on your keyboard to open a word finder window.

Some skins require you to edit the board wrappers to change the Banner (logo) instead of editing the macros.

The first step to changing your banner on these skins is by right clicking on the temporary banner on your board and clicking properties. This should give you the hosted URL of your banner. Once you have the banners direct link (URL) go to the skins board wrappers and press CTRL + F to open up the word find box. When the box is open paste the URL into the box and do a search for it. The URL highlighted in the board wrappers after doing the search is your Banners URL. Replace it with your new banners URL.

Note - On many skins, the URL will end in Banner or have Banner somewhere in the URL. I have done this to help make finding the banner a quicker and easier process.

Having Trouble?

If you are having any trouble making these edits, or adding extra submenu links, please create a new topic in the forums.

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