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Macros are the various images you see throughout your board. Not all images are macros, but many are. They can be used in board wrappers as well. The macro key is an HTML bit that can be used in any board wrapper, and it will show that macro.

You will need to use the “Add Macros” ability described below to add on any of the macros on this page that are NOT in the Base Macros. You must add these macros with their exact macro key name to be able to use them.

Adding Macros

To add a new macro of your own, look in the macros editor page for:

  • Current Macros: [ Add a Macro ] [ Mass Edit: Simple | Advanced ]

Add the macro key name, the image code, and press submit.

Base Macros

These are the basic macros that come with every board.

Macro Key Real name
<{ADDRESS_CARD}> Mini Profile
<{INTEGRITY_MSGR}> Skype (Legacy Replacement)
<{BR_REDIRECT}> Redirect
<{LAST_POST}> Last Post
<{NEW_POST}> Goto last unread
<{CAT_IMG}> Nav
<{P_REPORT}> Report Post
<{P_YIM}> Yahoo
<{P_WEBSITE}> Users Website
<{P_QUOTE}> Quote Post
<{P_MSG}> PM
<{P_ICQ}> GTalk (Legacy Replacement)
<{P_EMAIL}> Email Poster
<{P_EDIT}> Edit Post
<{P_DELETE}> Delete Post
<{M_UNREAD}> Unread Msg
<{M_READ}> Read Msg
<{CAMERA}> Photo
<{NO_PHOTO}> No Photo
<{F_STATS}> Board Stats
<{F_NAV_SEP}> Nav Seperator
<{F_NAV}> Nav
<{F_ACTIVE}> Active Users
<{C_ON_RES}> (C_ON_RES) New Posts
<{C_ON_CAT}> Subforum - New Posts
<{C_ON}> Board Index - New Posts
<{C_OFF_RES}> (C_OFF_RES) No New Posts
<{C_OFF_CAT}> Subforum - No New Posts
<{C_OFF}> Index - No New Posts
<{C_LOCKED}> Read Only Forum
<{B_POLL_NN_DOT}> No New Votes*
<{B_POLL_DOT}> Poll*
<{B_NORM_DOT}> No New Posts*
<{B_HOT_NN_DOT}> No New Posts*
<{B_NEW_DOT}> No New Posts
<{B_HOT_DOT}> New Posts
<{B_POLL}> Poll
<{B_POLL_NN}> No new votes
<{B_PIN}> Pinned
<{B_NORM}> No New Posts
<{B_NEW}> New Posts
<{B_MOVED}> Moved
<{B_LOCKED}> Closed
<{B_HOT_NN}> Hot topic - No new posts
<{B_HOT}> Hot topic
<{A_STAR}> * Pip
<{A_POLL}> Start Poll
<{A_REPLY}> Reply to topic
<{A_POST}> Start new topic
<{A_POLLONLY_B}> Poll Only
<{A_MOVED_B}> Moved Topic
<{A_LOCKED_B}> Closed Topic
<{T_QREPLY}> Fast Reply
<{T_OPTS}> Topic Options
<{CAL_NEWEVENT}> Add New Event
<{F_RULES}> Forum Rules
<{WARN_0}> Warn: —–
<{WARN_1}> Warn: X—-
<{WARN_2}> Warn: XX—
<{WARN_3}> Warn: XXX–
<{WARN_4}> Warn: XXXX-
<{WARN_5}> Warn: XXXXX
<{WARN_ADD}> Warn: +
<{WARN_MINUS}> Warn: -
<{LOGO}> Board Logo
<{ad_color}> Ad color (defunct)
<{CUST_PROF}> Custom Profile Template

Post Icon Macros

These macros control the forum's post icons that you see on the topic index, and posting screen. Not to be confused with emoticons. They're logically numbered in the order that they appear on the screen.

Macro Key Real name
<{P_ICON1}> Post Icon #1
<{P_ICON2}> Post Icon #2
<{P_ICON3}> Post Icon #3
<{P_ICON4}> Post Icon #4
<{P_ICON5}> Post Icon #5
<{P_ICON6}> Post Icon #6
<{P_ICON7}> Post Icon #7
<{P_ICON8}> Post Icon #8
<{P_ICON9}> Post Icon #9
<{P_ICON10}> Post Icon #10
<{P_ICON11}> Post Icon #11
<{P_ICON12}> Post Icon #12
<{P_ICON13}> Post Icon #13
<{P_ICON14}> Post Icon #14

Topic Effect Macros

Macro Key Real name
<{P_UP}> Replaces the 'go to top' arrow with an image in topic.
<{SIG_SEPARATOR}> Replaces the default line separating posts and signatures with an image/text.
<{T_ANNO_SUBHEAD}> Replaces the “Announcements” subheader in the topic list.
<{T_PIN_SUBHEAD}> Replaces the “Important Topics” subheader in the topic list.
<{T_REG_SUBHEAD}> Replaces the “Forum Topics” subheader in the topic list.

Collapse/Expand Macros

Applies to the expand/collapse forums on the index modification. May also apply to other expandable/collapsible tables in the future.

Macro Key Real name
<{B_PLUS_SHOW}> Expand
<{B_MINUS_HIDE}> Collapse

Reputation Macros

These let you change the + and - images that appear in topics allowing others give reputation points.

Macro Key Real name
<{REP_PLUS}> Add to Reputation
<{REP_MINUS}> Subtract from Reputation

Subforum Links Macros

These let you change the [ » ] icon that appears for the automatic “Subforums:” link generation. Both new and no new posts are available. By default, no new posts will not show a [ » ] icon.

Macro Key Real name
<{SUBLINKS_NEW}> Subforum Links - New Posts
<{SUBLINKS_NONEW}> Subforum Links - No New Posts
<{SUB_SEPCHAR}> Subforum separator character, default is a comma.

Alert System Macros

This lets you change the satellite icon that indicates new alerts are available.

Macro Key Real name
<{ALERT_NEW}> Alert System - New Alert

Default Avatar Macro

This lets you set a default / no avatar image.

Macro Key Real name
<{AVATAR}> Default Avatar, image tag (applies to avatar / avatar variable in Mini and Main profile templates (Except Guests))
<{AVATAR_URL}> Default Avatar, URL only (applies to avatar variables in Forum Row and Topic Row)
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