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Sub-accounts are a niche feature used often by collaborative writers (often called Roleplayers) to facilitate multiple accounts being used by a single person/author. If your board has a need for members to manage multiple accounts for any reason, this feature will assist them.

Setting up Sub-Accounts

Enabling Sub-Accounts

  1. Log into the ACP.
  2. Click “System Settings”
  3. then “User Profiles”
  4. In the right, look for the “Sub-Accounts” setting header, and you should see the option Allow members to have Sub-Accounts?
  5. Set this option to “yes” to enable it and unlock user-group configuration settings.

Configuring Sub-Accounts

The default settings when enabling sub-accounts are that a user may only have up to 5 sub-accounts and no groups may see the sub-accounts that other users own under their profiles. If you want to change this behavior:

  1. Log into the ACP.
  2. Click “Users and Groups”
  3. then “Manage User Groups”
  4. In the right page, beside the group you want to modify, click “Edit Group”
  5. Scroll down to “Sub-Account Permissions” then beside: “Max no. of sub accounts a user in this group may have?” enter a number. (To set it to unlimited, you can enter -1 here. 0 sets to disabled.)
  6. Then decide whether this group can see other user's linked sub accounts with: “Can view sub accounts list of other members via profiles?” (This appears in the user's profile.)

Sub-Accounts in the Wrappers & CSS

With this sub-account mod, admins may also place the quick account changer anywhere they want in the wrappers by placing <% SUBACCOUNTS %>. To do this:

  1. In the ACP, on the left menu, click: “Skins & Templates”
  2. Then click: “Board Wrappers”
  3. On the right side now, beside the list of wrappers, locate the set of wrappers you want to add this to and click: “Edit”
  4. On the page that loads that has the wrappers inside, place the <% SUBACCOUNTS %> variable where you want it to appear.


  • In the CSS, admins can also set sub accounts not to show by adding: #subacct_link { display: none; } (Admins can also modify the exact look of the sub-accounts aspect by modifying that CSS class.)
  • Admins can also place the <% SUBACCOUNTS %> variable in the webpage maker too.

Using Sub-Accounts

Linking an Account

Before you begin this, you must have the accounts that you want linked created. If you don't have them made, then go ahead and make them now. (Be sure to use a strong password that you won't forget. Especially if you are going to be linking these accounts to your admin account!)

  1. On the parent account, Click “My Controls” at the top of the page (beside your username)
  2. On the menu on the left hand side, under Personal Profile, click: “Edit Sub-accounts”
  3. On the right, beside “Account username:” enter the account's username.
  4. Then in “Account password:” put the password.
  5. Finally, click: “Link This Account”

All accounts retain their individual features/abilities. So they still have unique avatars, signatures, can edit their own posts and can still be logged into on their own (if someone knows the password). Warning:

  • Accounts that are linked to the Admin accounts need to have a strong password because if someone breaks into the linked account, they do have access to the admin accounts by using the account switch.

Linking Restrictions

  • A parent account can't designate an already-owned sub-account as their own unless the current parent releases it from their subs list.
  • A parent or independent account cannot add another parent as their own.
  • An independent, or child account of any other parent that enters the username and password of another parent account will automatically become adopted by them. The parent account must have at least 1 sub-account.

Delinking an Account

  1. On the parent account, Click “My Controls” at the top of the page (beside your username)
  2. On the menu on the left hand side, under Personal Profile, click: “Edit Sub-accounts”
  3. On the right of the page that loads you will see a list of all the accounts you have linked to the parent. Tick the check box of the account/accounts you want to remove.
  4. Then click the “Delink Account(s)” button.


  • Delinking the account does not affect it. You can still log into it. You just won't be able to use the sub-account switch to quickly jump into it.

Switching an Account

  1. At the top, beside your username and the logout link, you will see: “Switch Account”, Click “Switch Account”.
  2. Then, the switch account link will become a dropdown menu. Click the dropdown menu.
  3. From the dropdown menu, choose the account you want to switch into.
  4. Once you have clicked the account to switch into, the page will reload and you will be logged into your other account.

Posting as Sub-account

When you are composing a post (with sub-accounts enabled) and you have at least 1 sub-account attached a dropdown menu at the bottom of the post window will appear that will allow you to pick which account to post under. The dropdown will look like this:

(This dropdown will appear in both normal compose window and the fast reply window also.)

This allows users to post to that account without having to actually switch to that account to post.

This also will update:

  • when that sub-account was on (so the account will appear active when posts are made through it, despite the account not actually being logged into).
  • the sub-account's post count.

Changing who posted

With the upgrade to the sub-account system, users can now alter which account made that post easily. (No longer having to copy the post, delete it and then repost under the correct account.) The system will automatically subtract from the former poster's count and add to the new user's post count for accurate statistic reflection.


Users can reassign a post to a new owner easily by:

  1. Going to the post they want to change owners
  2. Clicking the “Edit” button
  3. If quick edit is enabled, click the “Full Edit” link. (This currently only works in full edit mode.)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the post window and choosing the new post owner from the dropdown menu (pictured above).
  5. Then clicking “Submit Modified post” to enact the change.

Users can do this for any account under their control. Even if they aren't logged into the parent account. (So if they use a child account, they can still edit the parent's post, including altering content, and change ownership.)

However, users cannot force the system to change owners of a post if the new owner is unable to post in that area due to permission settings.


Admins have the same set up as users (so they can easily change their posts between their accounts), except they can manually enter an account name to change the post to whomever they want, even if they don't own the account and the account isn't connected to them at all. (This action is logged in the ACP for records.) To do this admins:

  1. Go to the post they want to change owners
  2. Click the “Edit” button
  3. If quick edit is enabled, click the “Full Edit” link. (This currently only works in full edit mode.)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the post window and choose “Enter username…” from the dropdown menu (pictured above).
  5. A textbox will replace the dropdown menu, they enter the exact name of the user they want the post to belong to. (See note 1)
  6. Then clicking “Submit Modified post” to enact the change.


  1. If the username does not match an existing username, the system will not change the post owner and will give present an error page (allowing admins to copy the post, just in case the browser doesn't save text when you press back.)
  2. Admins will be able to force the system to change post owners even if that user isn't normally allowed to post in that area (bypassing permission checks).
  3. This option only appears for administrator accounts (not moderators or global moderators) and it does not appear as an option in their linked sub-accounts either. (To use this option they must be logged into the admin account.)
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