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Users & Groups

Create new Member groups

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. In the left panel, click: “Users and Groups”
  3. Then click: “Manage User Groups”
  4. In the right panel, under: “Base new group on…” choose the member group that you want to use for the default settings of this new group.
  5. Click: “Setup new group”
  6. In the page that appears, in the first box titled “Group Title”, name the group.
  7. In the second box, titled: “Use Forum Permission Access…” click the permission mask that this group uses. (It'll highlight to show it's selected. See note1.)
  8. Change any other settings that you want. (See note2.)
  9. At the bottom of the page, click “Add group”


  1. You can select multiple permission masks to be applied to the member group. (On Windows based system, you can do this by holding the ctrl key then clicking.)
  2. The exact available options to configure will depend on the number of modifications you have active. Examples of additional options configured for each member group are: IBstore, Download system and Sub-accounts.

Changing User titles and Ranks

Under: “Users and Groups” then “User Title/Ranks” you'll see a section titled: “Add a Member Rank” to add more ranks. (Clicking “Edit” beside an existing rank will take you to a page that looks nearly identical to the “Add a Member Rank” part and the process is the same.)

Just put the url of the image to be used for a pip in the box marked: “Number of pips” If you just want to use the default pip set then you can also enter a number that will display that many of the default pip.(See the warning.)

To alter what the default pips look like go to: “Skins & Templates” → “Macros” → (Click “Edit” beside the skin you wish to set the pips different for) then scroll down until you see: “* Pip” beside that click “simple” and enter the url to the new pip image in the box below: “Image URL:”

WARNING - Do not put a large number (like over 100) in for the number of Pips. It will cause an error that will make you unable to add or access the user ranks section.

Custom profile fields

What are custom profile fields?

Custom profile fields are sections you can add to ask for other bits of info, or give people places to share more info. EX- Their Xbox360 gamer tags or Playstation Network IDs. Though they can also be used to add music or videos to their profiles.

Adding Custom Profile Fields

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left panel, click: “Users and Groups”
  3. Then click: “Custom Profile Fields”
  4. Then in the right panel, click: “Add New Field”
  5. Fill out the options as you see fit. (See below for list of options.)
  6. When you're finished, click “Add Field”

Custom Profile's Options

  • Field Title - This is the name of the field. It's also how it'll display on the forum. So if you call it “Link” then it'll appear as “Link”
  • Description - This is where you can give a description of the field. Useful to give important information for those who will be filling it in. So you can tell users if there is a maximum character limit or if it's required to be filled in.
  • Field Type - This is where you decide what type of field it is, a text input, drop down menu or text area. Text input is a single line for entering text. Dropdown is for giving predetermined choices, best for things like gender. Text area is more akin to the post box, allowing for more information to be put in and read easily.
  • Max Input (for text input and text areas) in characters - This allows you set the maximum length of the text input areas. (Each letter, number, space and symbol counts as 1 character. )
  • Display order (when editing and displaying) numeric 1 lowest. - This sets where the box is positioned if there are multiple boxes. If there aren't then this setting can be left at 1.
  • Option Content (for drop downs) - This is only for dropdowns… Filling it out for others may cause undesired side effects.
  • Include on registration page? - This determines whether the field will show up on the registration page. Useful if you want to ask people things like: “How did you find us”.
  • Field MUST be completed and not left empty? - This makes it so that the field must be filled in… Note that it doesn't check contents, so users can fill it in with anything and it'll pass. EX- “asfdsa” will pass.
  • Hide from the member's profile? - This makes it so that only staff and the member can see the field. Other users can't see it.
  • Field can be edited by the member? - If set to yes, then that member can change the field whenever they want.If set to no, then this makes it so that only staff can change the field.

Bulk Email

The bulk email feature allows admins to generate a list of email addresses so send emails to. This is useful for sending out newsletters, announcements or updates. Though to be clear, in order to send a Bulk email, you must have your own email account. You cannot send email directly from the board. The reason for this is because the bulk email feature has been abused too many times causing email providers to block Jcink's server IP address as a spam source.

To compose/send a Bulk email

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left panel, click: “Users and Groups”
  3. Then click: “Bulk Email Members”
  4. In the right panel, set the options as you see fit.
  5. When you are done click: “Preview and Generate Email List”
  6. Now copy the email addresses to the BCC: field of your email service (to keep each person's email address private.)
  7. Then copy and paste the composed message into your email client to send it.
  8. Finally send the message from your email service.

The configurable options

These are the options that admins can configure in order to control who gets sent an email.

  • Honour 'Allow Admin Emails' user setting? - This allows you to send emails to people even if they've decided they don't want to receive emails from the admins.
  • Email Subject - This is the title of your email. You won't be able to generate the preview if you don't fill this in.
  • Email contents - This is the email itself. This is where you edit the message you want to send to the members. There are a few tags you can use to help though:
    • {board_name} will return the name of your board
    • {reg_total} will return the total number of registered members
    • {total_posts} will return the total number of posts
    • {busy_count} will return the most number of online users
    • {busy_time} will return the date of the most online users
    • {board_url} will return the URL to the board
  • Send this email to the admin incoming address? - This allows you to decide to send yourself a copy of the email to the email address you've specified in the System Setting's email settings.
  • Bulk Email Members: Settings - This is where you decide who's email will get put onto the list to be emailed. It displays every group you've created on your forum with an option to send to that group or not. (This allows you to specifically target groups/users for whatever reason. EX- if they haven't been on in a while.)
  • Where user has less than [x] posts - This puts the email of any user who has less than the amount of posts you've chosen on the list to be emailed. Anyone with more than the number of posts is excluded.
  • Where user has NOT been online for more than [x] days - This lets you choose to email members who haven't signed into the forum in more than a set number of days. (This setting is strictly for logging on, it won't check to see if they've posted in the specified time.)

Mass PM Members

This option allows the admin to send a personal message to whichever groups they choose to. Very useful to short global announcements.

Sending a Mass PM

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left panel, click: “Users and Groups”
  3. Then click: “Mass PM Members”
  4. In the right panel, set the options as you see fit. (See below for configurable options.)
  5. When you're done, click: “Send Now” to send the PM.

Mass PM Configurable options

  • Choose Member Group(s) Or Current Online Users to send the Mass pm to - This allows you to specify which groups recieve the message or if you just want to send the message only to those online at the time of sending. (Online is determined by if they're showing in the “Who's online ” area at the bottom of the forum's index, in the Board Statistics section. EX- “X user(s) active in the last X minutes.”)
  • Subject - This is the subject of the mass PM. Admins must specify a title to send a PM.
  • Compose Pm Message - This is the actual message of the PM. Admins can use BBcode in their Mass PM's
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