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Premium Service: Cancellation

Premium Service is a paid subscription to our hosting which offers special features and a less restrictive terms of service. There are NO contracts with Premium Service, you can cancel the service at any time before your next renewal date, and you will not be billed.


Cancelling Premium is simple. Log in to Paypal and go to your Recurring Payments. Look for the correct payment to Jcink.com, it will be in the form of Jcink.com/boardname/XYR or M. Find this subscription and cancel it.

Your board should show a status of “Cancelled” in the Premium Service section of the Admin CP. Your remaining time however until next bill date will remain, since you paid for it. After this date, as well as our grace period for late payments passes, your board will be inaccessible until Premium is renewed.

Downgrading to Free

If you want to downgrade to the free service, you must initiate a downgrade via the Admin CP. Cancellaton will not downgrade you. You will need to click on “Downgrade to Free Service” in the Admin CP after you have cancelled and removed all additional forums on your plan. This is a fully automated process and does not require our assistance, unless you do not have access to the Paypal account for your subscription.

However, downgrading to free service may or may not be possible for your board depending on its contents. You need to agree and certify that the board is following the free terms of service.

For example, a user can not be permitted to downgrade if they still have mature content on their board in a specific forum. That would need to be deleted before we approved the downgrade to free. Or if they were running their own Google Advertising. That would cause a conflict with the Terms of Service for the free users.

We review ALL downgrades. If your board does NOT comply with the free service but you have downgraded it anyway, action will be taken. If you have any questions you can always contact support via ticket.

If you cannot downgrade a board

If you are unable to downgrade a board to the free service but still wish to stop paying for premium, this is fine. You can leave the board in an expired state; the posts and contents will not be deleted. At a later date, you can choose to renew premium or bring it into compliance with the free service, it is entirely your own choice at your own pace. As a root administrator, or member #1, you will always be able to view the forum's contents while expired.

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