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Mobile mode is a web based application. This means that there is no software for your users to install and no applications to pay for. All the activity within the application is conducted on the web through the browser - just like your forum via desktop.

However, at this time, experiences can vary from device to device depending on the quality of the web browser and how up to date it is. If you don't have the latest version of your phone's firmware or software, and including web browser, you may not get the best experience.

This page is where we'll list confirmed working devices that have no navigation or other issues with the mode. We'll also list ones that did not fair so well during either our own testing, or testing reported by users. Just because your device is not on the list does not mean it won't work.

Confirmed Devices

  • Safari for iPhone iOS 4/5
  • Safari for iPad iOS 4/5
  • Atomic Browser for iOS 4/5
  • Stock Browser for HTC Evo Android 4.0.x
  • Chrome for ASUS EEE Prime Tablet Android 4.0.x
  • Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7.x (SDK)
  • Opera Mini

Problematic Devices

Samsung Wave S8500

OS: Bada 1.0, Browser: Dolphin v2. Mobile mode appears, but for unknown reasons does not span the full screen size, leaving a white space at the right. Switching to desktop view causes a zoom-out issue but can be corrected easily. Posted embeds such as youtube videos do not resize to fit the posts and stretch out because the browser fails to support max-width and height attributes.

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