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PHP-Quick-Arcade - AdminCP

The administration control panel or, AdminCP is the primary area in PHP-Quick-Arcade where all important tasks are done. Below shows sections of the AdminCP which you may be able to find documentation on by clicking. Each block, or section of the Admin CP is shown below.

To get into the adminCP for the first time in PHP-Quick-Arcade, the username is admin and password is admin. You are supposed to change this AFTER you log in by clicking the “Settings” link and changing your password in that area.

Add new games

Edit/Create Cats

  • Adding categories for the games you add is simple. Visit this section and type in the category name. It will then appear in a boxed table below the shoutbox.

Skin Control

Games manager

*Manage your arcade games here. Sort, delete and edit existing games in your arcade's library. You can run the hotlinked game checker by pressing “check hotlink” to see if all your arcade games are still alive and working, if you use hotlink]ed games. The dropdown box controls all the actions, you'll find that at the bottom below all the games.


* Add smilies to your arcade. To make the smiley images appear in the dropdown, upload them to the /emoticons/ folder on your server if you're using the download copy, and if you're using the service, copy and paste the emoticon links into the box.

Member Editor

Edit members. Avatar, and profile info, erase members… also get IP address on date of registration, make moderators and admins, etc.

Banned IP addresses

Blocked Cheating Attempts

  • If within the PHPQA settings you have cheat protection turned ON, any cheating attempts will be shown here. Do note that the attempts that show up as cheated do not always mean that they did. For more iformation, please see PHPQA-Cheating.


Post Office

  • The post office is where you can mass-mail all the users in your arcade. Doing it from the arcade itself isn't recommended, a lot of times server mail is treated as bulk mail and will get thrown in spam folders. Instead, the system will provide you with an easy set of links to copy and paste into your email account's “send to” box, like on GMail or Yahoo.

Word Filters

Censor swear words. Note that the words are all loose, blocking griss for example will filter to grisshead, grisshole, etc.

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