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Rules and Terms

The wiki is a (generally) open wiki at this time. This means that anyone can edit almost all the pages within the system. The idea behind a wiki is that by allowing everyone to contribute, more, and better documentation on subjects can be written. What one person did not write clearly enough; another can come by and fix it. Mass amounts of content can be written by many people over time to create a conglomerate of rich information.

Unfortunately, this system can be subject to abusers. The rules and terms for editing and creating pages within this wiki are outlined below.

1. Put any SPAM in the wiki, and you'll get banned

Period. Don't blank pages, don't ruin good pages with content to say something else. Other acts of vandalism need not be said here; you know what they are. You've been warned. This wiki is serious and not to be messed with.

2. The wiki is NOT a dictionary.

Do not treat it as one. A page shouldn't be added if all you're doing is adding a definition.

3. Try to use proper formatting when editing a page

Use tables for tabular data; etc, split your article data up into sections if need be, not just one big mush. Looking for how to use the syntax? Click here.

4. Try to write with good grammar and explain things clearly.

If a page has seriously bad grammar, expect it to be edited or deleted altogether. Unreadable pages, or pages filled with nothing but leet speak are not what we want. If you can't write decent English, then don't bother. We don't mind the occasional spelling or punctuation mistake, however, but do try to write the best you can.

5. All wiki staff have the power make whatever changes they please.

Your article/post/edit/whatever can be edited, deleted, moved at our discretion. Changes to your account may also be made at our discretion. Don't get mad if your article gets deleted. Discuss it with who deleted it privately. And do NOT recreate that content. It was removed for a REASON.

6. Keep it clean.

All content posted should not have profanity, or anything that you wouldn't find in a G movie. It is a serious wiki, after all. Swearing and mature content are not welcome.

Rules as of 02/16/07 8:05 PM EST

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