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Here are some of the various terms you may come across on forums.

Basic forum terms

Board - A section of the forum where topics are placed, often grouped because of a central theme. EX- The rules board houses everything about the rules there.

Forum - A website where users can join to read other's posts and then enter their own posts. It can also mean an individual section devoted to a particular topic. EX- the Videogames forum.

Post - This is any message entered by a person. This can be the first message put up in a new topic or the last message in a closed topic.

Reply - This is when someone puts a response up to a message. (This is also called a post, but specifically refers to a post entered after the first post.)

Topic - At least one post to a series of messages put up by members that are all about one specific idea. EX- a particular game series.

Punishment terms

Ban - This is when a member is restricted from accessing the forum. (99% of the time because the member broke the rules. The other 1% is a preventative measure to stop known abusive members from joining.)

Mod Queue - This is a mode that a member is put into when that member cannot be trusted to control themselves in their posts on their own. (Such as they continually harass others or cannot stop cursing.) Every post they enter has to be approved by a moderator before it will be visible on the forum to the rest of the community.

Warning - This is when a staff member says something along the lines of: “Don't do that <insert action> again.” This is more or less the freebie to let that member know they did something and to not do it again. This is not usually accompanied by an increase of the warning bar.

Warning bar - This is a member's personal warning count. If they do something against the rules this may be increased. (Once it hits the maximum, the user is banned.)

User and user action related

Flame - An insult directed at someone.

Flame war - This is when 2 (or more) members begin to insult each other publicly and may end up dragging more members into the problem.

Flamer - Someone who posts insulting messages.

Member - Someone who is registered to the site.

Newbie - Someone who is new to a forum or subject. They may make mistakes, but they are willing to learn and correct them. This is not to be confused with a noob.

Noob - This is a person who acts arrogantly and expects to be revered despite the fact they are new to a subject and know little to nothing about it. (Often demonstrated clearly by their lack of understanding of the subject.)

Troll - a person who posts messages simply to cause arguments or to mess with the staff of a site.

Trolling - The act of posting a message to cause problems on the site or anger other members. (Often done because the troll thinks it's funny.)

Underage - A person who is younger than 13 years old.

Forum options related

Topic Lock - This is when a staff member decides to close a topic for whatever reason. (It may be anything from the topic has gone too far off topic, has become a potential flame war, or even just the staff wants to prevent replies from being posted in that topic.)


Hotlinking - Using a website's bandwidth without permission by linking to an image or media stored on their server. (Because every time someone views that image it has to load from their server.)

Some sites have anti-hotlinking measures on them, so if you try hotlinking from them they might replace that image you're trying to view with something else. (Possibly something that would be a Terms of Service offense.)

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