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This wiki aims to provide up-to-date, informative content on Jcink.com Forum Hosting as well as other aspects of services we provide. You'll find various documentation pages, as well as explanations for commonly used terms, along with other site-related articles. A great place to start if you're looking for a subject is to use the search bar above, or the quick reference links below.

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This Wiki will at all times be maintained by the Jcink Forum Hosting staff. To ensure the accuracy and the validity of all information contained within no outside users will be permitted to create accounts or to have the ability to edit the pages, images, or documents contained within.

Some areas of the wiki contain references to JFB, the old name/abbreviation for the service “Jcink Forum Boards.” This information is still accurate and up to date, but the links or terms have not been changed to Jcink.com Forum Hosting, or JFH.


Please report bugs and give feedback about the wiki in the forums. We're always looking for your input. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, posting a new topic in the General Support area is encouraged and welcome.

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