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Premium Service

Premium is a paid version of our services. We offer this paid service for those who need extra features and option that aren't possible to offer for free due to system resources, or content restrictions based on our advertising service (Adsense). Therefore, by offering Premium Service, we allow you to an option to have greater freedom for posted content, as well as a total advertisement-free experience.

General Features

  • Advertisement-free: There are no paid ads by JFH on your forum. The advertisement banners you see on the free service are completely removed from your forum.
  • Additional Forums: Apply your subscription to up to 5 other forums at the same time! Great for running multiple forums and development test boards.
  • 2GB attachment space: Upload and attach extra media files to your forum. This includes more space for avatars, attached files, skin images, and more.
  • Instant Set-up upon Payment: Once you pay securely via Paypal, set-up is instant. There's no wait to be set up - just a minute or two for the payment to clear and you're ready to go. It's automated.
  • No Contract: There's no contract that locks you in - you can sign up for monthly service and cancel service at any time.

Additional Forums

Every Premium subscription can be applied to up to five (5) other forums that you own. This makes for a total of six (6) forums that can be operated under a single subscription! To do this, you can link a forum via the Premium Management section.

Additional Forums)

This is a great way to have an additional test board for development running Premium, as well as more communities without having to pay for a new subscription.

Content Freedom

As a subscriber to Premium, you are allowed to have adult and mature content on your forum. The Premium Service has a separate Terms of Service from the free, which outlines very few content restrictions, mainly things that are illegal under US law are not permitted. This gives you freedom to allow different types of content for a more mature audience if you wish.

You are not required to have adult content on your forum if you wish to purchase Premium, of course. There are many other benefits that make it worth purchasing beyond freedom from content restrictions that are shown here.

Content Controls

If you have a forum containing adult content, it is important to take steps to keep the content from being viewed by minors. Premium Service makes this extremely easy to do in multiple ways to help cultivate a safe, legal site for adult audiences.

Per-forum Settings

18+ Content Settings)

With Premium, there is an extra option next to each forum to designate it as a forum containing adult/mature content. Ticking 'Yes' will restrict a forum's posts to being viewable only by those who have passed an age-verification check.

Age Verification

Age Check)

Upon entering into any content-restricted forum, a guest or member user is presented with the above notice. After their age is entered, access is granted to what they were attempting to view. If they are a registered member, their verification (not their birthday, however) is stored and they will not be asked again.

Global Restriction Settings

Admin CP restrictions)

There are further ways to control how and when the content restriction check message appears on your forum. You can add a custom message to the notice as well, and even require members certify that they are at least 18 years of age to register. You can find these under Admin CP → System Settings → General Configuration after premium is purchased.

BBCode [restricted]

Content can also be restricted per-post with the [restricted] BBCode tag. This is a BBCode that works in any section and will display the notice directly within the post if the user hasn't already confirmed their age.

Bulk Email

If you want to send a bulk mail directly from the forum to all forum members, you can do so as a Premium subscriber. While the free service also allows you to mass-email users, you must take it upon yourself to copy an email list into your mail client and send it from there. With Premium, you simply mass-mail from the forum itself.

Additionally, sending a Mass-PM triggers a mass-mail notification to all users that they have a new personal message in their inbox.

*Note that spam filters can block the delivery of some forum newsletter type email and we don't make any guarantee of email delivery to everyone.


Have a popular forum and wish to make it profitable for you? Since your forum is advertisement-free, you have the freedom to place your own paid ads on your forum. This is a good way to make money from your forum to help pay for premium service, as well as on the side.

Please note that you will need manage the advertising yourself, we do not offer any type of revenue sharing or advertisement platform. There are many third party alternatives you can use such as Google AdSense if you wish to monetize your forum, but these programs will almost always require your own domain name (an additional ~$9/yr cost on average) and won't permit mature content.

Priority Ticket Support

Need a hand? Our ticket helpdesk is just a few clicks away in your Administration panel.


With Premium, if you need any help with the service, you get priority ticket support from staff at JFH during regular business hours. The staff is based in the United States, and will be able to understand your issue. They'll communicate the best answer to you as well as work with you if you need extra help. And often, the founder of the service will answer support tickets. 8-)

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