Recent Features & Bug Fixes Summary

Jul 20 2020, 12:34 PM

Here's a summary of features and bugs fixes that have been completed in the last few months. We have organized them into a list for easy overview. We will be posting these types of bug fix and feature addition summaries in the future from time to time to help you stay informed about both the small as well as larger additions to the service.

New Features:

  • Mass move & sort groups via Admin CP over x days for post activity and login activity [feature]
  • Find/Edit/Suspend User supports search within/over x days for post activity [feature]
  • Find/Edit/Suspend User supports search within/over x days for login activity [feature]
  • Tagging in mutli-moderation reply text, includes the @ OP tag to alert the original poster [feature]
  • <!-- |prefix| -->, <!-- |suffix| -->, <!-- |posticon| --> variables added to the Post Row template [feature]
  • <!-- |website_url| --> added variable added to the Main Profile template [feature]
  • 'Max' parameter added variable added to members list with a limit of 1000 users per page at this time [feature]
  • Hide Include Keys from View/Webpages added to Webpage maker settings. [feature]
  • <!-- |last_poster_prefix| --> and <!-- |last_poster_suffix| --> in forum row variables [feature]
Bug Fixes:
  • Mod CP - Edit User area did not show field descriptions [bug fixed]
  • The award item in the store will not give a blank reward if the user does not type a description. "Type the default message here:" is now stand alone. [bug fixed]
  • Dupe macros could be added, which caused editing confusion/issues. [bug fixed]
  • Forum ID Variable in Subforum Headers did not produce output [bug fixed]
  • Apos weren't permitted in skin titles, e.g. John's Skin. [bug fixed]
  • Added some min/max lengths and a email input fields to registration form [bug fixed]
  • Fatal error message appears when no reps were given [bug fixed]
  • Uploading an html template xml file -- the option to allocate it to a skin would not work in some cases.[bug fixed]
  • <!-- |avatar_url| --> output changed to blank instead of "unknown" when board has default avatar macro [partial bug fixed]
  • Announcements were not outputting the post author/starter variables of prefixes/suffixes, as well as within the system templates.[bug fixed]
  • Show "SHOWING ITEMS" counts were incorrect when an item was set to hidden.[bug fixed]
  • Mobile Version link displayed in footer even when Mobile Version was disabled. [bug fixed]
  • If a thread is moved from one forum to another forum with read permissions set to *, it removes all subscriptions to it. [bug fixed]
  • Member Pre-Registration and Edit Member will not auto-fill the password form on modern browsers [bug fixed]
  • Smilies" or "BBCodes" buttons associated with the Shoutbox textarea didn't pop-up or insert [bug fixed]
  • Avatar gallery images in mini profile and gallery via UserCP were not served over https [bug fixed]
  • Last Visit and Last Activity date of root account on newly created forum incorrect until first login [bug fixed]
  • Decrease other's interest shop item did not have any effect [bug fixed]
  • Gallery avatars were being served over and non-https links [bug fixed]
  • Full Edit via Quick Edit would not redirect to the edited post [bug fixed]
Additional Notes:
  • Recently, Google Chrome 83 changed the style of checkboxes and radio buttons to be colored blue in some instances. This is not a Jcink Forum Hosting default, it is chrome related. If you wish to change the style back to a netural color gray, because the change color clashes with your current layout, the filter css attribute can be applied:
    input[type="radio"], input[type="checkbox"] {filter: grayscale(1);}
Best regards,

John & the JFH Team


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