About Jcink.com

Founded in 2000 as a personal portal for web content, 'Jcink' was established, with a .com domain later to arrive in 2002. Our site has evolved as destination which provides quality internet services. It offers free and paid forum software as its primary focus. Jcink's service line is always growing as we love to try new ideas and expand upon existing ones. If there's an application that isn't quite cutting it, and we think we can fill the gap, it just might be next big thing you'll see right here.

A letter from the founder...

If someone asked me right now what we do best at Jcink.com, it isn't all of the features, the stellar uptime and response, or our prices.
It's one simple thing....

We're down-to-Earth.

This is a hard thing to find these days anywhere in the world; but not here. You can visit our support forums or email us and get a real response from our staff, or often, myself. We'll go above and beyond to help. Because, yes, we actually care about making you happy.

Time and time again, people have come to me absolutely amazed that they contact someone who cares that won't just "transfer them" to an automated system, or ignore them until the issue goes away. We're known for being quick, and honest to inform users about anything - there's no leaving anyone in the dark here. We won't make you feel lost and provide a vague/unhelpful response if you can't figure something out, either.

At Jcink.com, you're talking to real actual people, and getting real answers to your questions and concerns.

That's powerful, and we're proud of it.

   John Cuppi, Founder (admin@jcink.com)