Report a violation

This form allows you to report a Terms of Service violation occuring anywhere on a service hosted by us.
If you have read the Terms of Service and feel that the violation falls under one of the categories below, you may file a report.

Before filing a report, it is best to try to notify the administrators of said content against terms of service on their site. They may not be aware of its existence and this can be quicker to get the content down.

Finally, be patient. Investigating reports takes time and each issue must be handled on a case by case basis. Do not submit a report more than once to get action taken faster; it only delays the process, and can get you banned from using this form. Please understand we get many, many reports per day and each one must be investigated which can take time (weeks to months); we unfortunately as a result also do not have time to respond personally to each and every query unless it's something very serious (re: life and death situation).

Abuse Category:
URL: This is required.
Link to the violator or violator's site(s) in question.
Provide details regarding the report. You MUST cite specific links of places ON the site being reported where violation is present. When reporting Copyright Infringement, follow the DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement guidelines for a takedown notice. In short; You must certify the content is yours, and show exactly what is being infringed upon and give links to the EXACT piece of content(s) on YOUR website if possible, and theirs. Failure to follow these instructions will only delay the report further, and action will not be taken. Don't use [url] or HTML link tags.
Enter your email address. If we have a question about your report, we have to be able to contact you.

Notice: Do not report sites on the server that don't violate our terms. We actually look at every report, submitting fakes WILL NOT WORK, do not waste our time. Read the terms of service and make sure your report is actually for something that violates it before you send it. Abuse of this form is taken seriously and will not be tolerated.

Mature Content is permitted on boards that have Premium; and reports regarding it will be ignored if it is legitimately premium.
For boards that are NOT premium; please report Adult/Mature Content to us immediately as it is against the Free Terms of Service.