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Database Backup & Restoral

Unlike a majority of forum hosts on Jcink Forum Hosting we allow you to make a back up of your boards database at any time. This means you can take a copy of everything on the forum including the skin sets and save it in case your forum is hacked, or a sub-administrator wreaks havoc, or any other incident may occur. This backup can later be used to restore your forum to a previous point, if needed, and is one of the most useful pieces of security available to administrators.

Only one thing to note when taking a forum backup is that webpages do not transfer with it. Every other aspect of the forum including other areas of the skin will be taken. At this time though we are unable to include the webpages in the backup due to how the system takes it.

How To Take A Database Backup

Follow these steps to take a database backup:

  1. Log into the Admin Control Panel from your ROOT Account.
  2. On the left panel, scroll down and click on: DB Management, this will not appear for other Administrators who are not ROOT it will give them an error message letting them know they do not have access.
  3. Then click on: Database Back Up
  4. If you’ve already made a back up before then you’ll have to delete it in order to make the new one. So, in the right panel, just click Click Here to delete it. If this is the first back up or you’ve already cleared the old one, then click the button marked: Start Back Up
  5. It is important that you do not close that browser/browser tab until the backup has been completed and you are presented with a full .sql file for download. (The page may seem to blink many times while the backup is being created, and this is normal and should not alarm you, it is refreshing in a way with every item it has compressed into the database.)
  6. Once the file has been completed, right click on the link and select Save As or Save To (depending on browser) and save it to a location on your computer.

This file contains every aspect of your forum. (Except the custom webpages as noted above. It can also be imported into various programs to allow you to view every aspect of your forum through the database end.)

How To Restore A Forum

In the event that your forum is hacked, deleted, or tampered with, having a copy of the database is extremely valuable to both the forum owner and to Jcink, because without this there is no way for us to restore your forum for you. If you need your board restored simply email: admin@jcink.com with the backup from your forum, the link to your forum, and from the email of your ROOT account. This way we can verify that the forum is yours and that the backup is being legitimately requested.

Database Size

To make your backups as clean (and as small) as possible, you may want to -

  • 1. Go through your board logs. Delete any logs that don't matter to you, old admin logs, security logs, store logs, etc. This will make the database dump significantly smaller.
  • 2. Check your skins, delete any old skins and things you don't need anymore. Check your wrappers, delete unused content.
  • 3. Possibly think about using the delete shouts from end feature to clear old shouts out, if you don't want them anymore. This too makes significant impact on the database size.
  • 4. Possibly delete any spam posts made on your forum. (Especially if a lot have been made.)
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