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The IBstore

The IBstore is a mod that allows admins to create items for users to buy with the money they gain from making posts on the forum. It allows the admin to determine how much each post, reply, poll and topic are worth.

Setting up the Shop

To enable it for your members…

  1. Enable the IBStore modification in Admin CP → System Settings → Modification Enabler → IBStore, then refresh the Admin CP.
  2. On the left panel, scroll down to find: “IBStore”, now that it's an enabled modification, you should see it. Click that.
  3. Then click: “IBStore Settings”
  4. In the right side of the screen, you can now customize the settings. If you want people to see/use it, change “Is the store on?” to “Yes”
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit changes”

Adding items to the shop

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Add Item”
  3. In the right panel, you will see several categories for items… Select one item from one of the dropdown menus.
  4. Click “Submit Changes” at the bottom.
  5. You will be taken to a page where you configure the specifics of that item… (Note that items for each category may have unique settings so it'd be impossible to list them all here. But each item will have a spot for you to give it a unique name, a cost, how many the store stocks of that item, how often the stock replenishes/if it replenishes and an icon to represent the item.)
  6. When you're done click “Submit Changes” at the bottom and the item will be added to the store.

Here is a list of the various types of items you can add:

  • IBStore Main Items: The only item here, marked unusable, is a default for any other sort of item/collectable you want to sell. This can't actually be used so it makes it good for things you want people to hold onto.
  • Arcade Items: - These items allow the user to trade their game scores for money or buy option to play if the games have a cost which has been set in the arcade mod. (Items from here won't have any effect unless the arcade mod is also enabled.)
  • Bank Effects Items: The item here allows users to change the interest rate of the bank.
  • Download Items: The item here is a pay to download card which allows users to spend points to download from the gallery. (Items here won't take effect unless the download system is enabled.)
  • Shoutbox Items: - With these items, you can make it so users need a shoutcard to post in the shoutbox, users can change the default shout colour or add new ones.(Items here won't have effect unless the Shoutbox is enabled.)
  • Other User Effects Items: These allow a user to effect another user, like change their bank interest, give a temporary ban, change their signature, give a badge/award or a new member title. (Be careful with some of these, they can be easily abused. Temporary bans especially.)
  • Self Changes Items: These items allow a user to change their post count by adding to it, member title, group or username, or send a message to another user.
  • Self Point Changes Items: These are random chance items which give the user a random item, a random amount of money or a chance of a random item or random money.
  • Basic Steal Items: - These are items which allow members to attempt to steal money/items from other users.
  • Topic Effects Items: - These items allow users to open and close their own/other's topics or to pin/unpin their or other's topics. (Be careful with these powers since they can be abused.)

Note - When naming items, be sure to give them unique names in case you ever need to edit them later (it'll make finding the item you want that much easier).

Edit an existing item

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Edit Item”
  3. Then in the right panel, you'll see: “Select the Item to Edit:” and a drop down. Choose the item you want to edit. (All the items you have made will be listed in one large drop down menu… so make sure to give items unique names.)
  4. In the drop down below it, you can choose either “Edit” or “Delete”
  5. Click “Submit changes”
  6. If you chose edit then you'll be taken to the page that you used to create/add the item. Make the desired changes.
  7. Click “Submit changes” to make them take effect.

Item Categories

Inside the store, admins can create categories for items. To allow members to easily browse through specific types of items to aid them in finding the one they want.

Creating a category

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Add Category”
  3. Then in the right panel, you'll see: “Category Name:”, so enter a name for it.
  4. Below it, you'll see “Category Description:” which you can use BBcode here to change text effects.
  5. Click “Submit changes”

Editing a category

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Edit Category”
  3. In the right panel, you'll see: “Select the Category to effect:”
  4. In the drop down below it, you can choose either “Edit” or “Delete”, Choose “Edit”.
  5. Click “Submit changes”
  6. You'll be taken to the page that you used to create/add the category. Make the desired changes.
  7. Then click “Submit changes” to make them take effect.

Deleting a category

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Edit Category”
  3. In the right panel, you'll see: “Select the Category to effect:”
  4. In the drop down below it, you can choose either “Edit” or “Delete”, Choose “Delete”.
  5. Click “Submit changes”
  6. The category will then be deleted.

Setting up the Bank

The first thing you need to do is enable the IBstore mod. (Follow the instructions listed here. But set IBstore to enabled.)

  1. Next (after the store mod is enabled) on the left panel, click “IBStore” to show the list of options…
  2. Then click: “IBStore Settings”
  3. Your 4th option will be: “Currency Name?” set this to what you want your points to be called. (* See note 1)
  4. Then scroll to the bottom and click “Submit changes”. (* See note 1)
  5. Then, on the left panel again, go to “Bank & Points”.
  6. On the right side again, set the first option “Is the Bank on?” to “Yes”.
  7. Next, Under the heading “Points” set values for the amount of people get for:
    • Registering - This determines how many points each person starts with,
    • Posting a poll - This is how many points someone gets for starting a poll,
    • Posting a topic - This is points given for creating a new topic (See Note 2),
    • Replying to a topic - This is how many points are earned for replying to a topic (See Note 2);
    • How many of replies are needed to get a bonus and how much of a bonus they get.
  8. You can set if you want the points to only be given out if the word count is greater than what you set. (Useful to stop people from getting points for posting 20-50 word replies…)
  9. When you're done, click “Submit changes”


  1. If you've already set up the IBStore and named the currency then you can skip this step.
  2. Points are only given out if the word count is met or word count requirement is disabled.
  3. Changes in the amount of points for each action will not affect users retroactively. So if an admin raises the points people get per post, any posts made before the increase will still have gotten the previous amount of points. (Any posts made after will get the new value though.) Similarly if points for registration were 50, but then raised to 200, old registrants would still only get 50.

Setting where points are earned

The easiest way to configure where points are given out is to disable post count in the sections you don't want points earned since the points are tied to post count.

To disable the post count:

  1. In the ACP, in the left panel, click “Forum Control”
  2. Click “Manage Forums”
  3. Then on the right side of the page beside each forum you'll see a link for “Settings”. Clicking that will bring you to a page very much like the one used to create that forum (except it doesn't have the permissions section on it).
  4. One of the options the 6th option under “Postable Forum Settings” will disable the post count. (it'll be titled “Posts in this forum increase member's cumulative post count?” Be sure to set this to “No”.)
  5. Finally, click “Submit changes” at the bottom to force it into effect.

Note - You'll have to do this for every forum you want post counts disabled in though. And it's a universal effect so disabling post count will affect everyone allowed to post in that section. (Whether you're a member or the root admin, it won't increase your post count/points. Which is rather useful for staff rooms so that your post counts are increasing and members are wondering where those extra posts are coming from.)

Manually adding/setting points for users

This is the easiest method for an admin to give or remove points to a user.

  1. Log into the ACP.
  2. In “Users and groups” click “Find/Edit/Suspend User”.
  3. On the page that loads, enter their username (or use the search parameters to find them.)
  4. Then when the page refreshes you'll see a list of accounts that match. Beside each one you'll see a link titled “Edit Details”, click that.
  5. Look for the section titled: “Other Information” and inside it you'll see 2 relevant options:
    • “Members Points” (This is how many points they have on hand, points can only be spent if they're on hand. )
    • “Members Bank Points” (This is how many points are in their bank account, points here can't be spent… But if enabled they can gain interest. Though they have to check it every so often to collect the interest.)
  6. Now, if they have points already it'll display a number in each of those boxes. To add the points you'll have to take the number originally there and add it with the number you want to give them then put the total number in that box. (So if they had 15 points and you wanted to give them 30, you'd have to put 45 in the box. Similarly, if you want to subtract points, just put the new number they should have left in the box.)
  7. When you're done, scroll to the bottom and click “Submit changes”


  1. This method creates and gives points directly to people so it won't cost you any at all (like if you donated points). Though if you recount the points based on post (an option in the “IBStore” under “Recounter”) they will lose any points you've given them. (But on the upside if any posts they made were before you raised the value of each post then they'll get the new value for each post.)
  2. At this point there is no mass point distribution system so if you intend to give all members points, you'll have to give each member additional points like described above.

Creating a Quiz

  1. On the left, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then underneath that, click: “Add Quiz”
  3. Then in the right panel, you'll see: “Quiz Name:”, so enter a name for it.
  4. After you've made all the changes you want, Click “Submit changes”

Note - This just creates the first part… Now to add some questions.

  1. In the first box “Question:” enter the question you want to ask.
  2. In the second box, “Answer:” you enter a single correct answer word or phrase.
  3. Then you choose the type of question you want to add next from “Single Question and Answer”, “Singe question and dropdown”, “Single Question and multiple right answers” or “Done, add quiz”
  4. Then click “Submit”
  5. Repeat the process adding as many questions as you like. Then finally on the last question pick “Done, add quiz” from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click “Submit” and then the quiz will be created and people can try it.

Note - You must add at least one question or else the quiz will be unable to be edited later.

Editing a Quiz

  1. On the left side of the ACP, click: “IBStore”
  2. Then click: “Manage Quiz”
  3. In the right side of the ACP, you will see a drop down titled: “Quiz To Edit:”, use it to select the quiz to modify.
  4. Then in the second drop down, titled: “What To Do:”, choose whether to “Edit”, “Edit Questions & Answers” or “Delete Quiz”. Choose “Edit” to set the properties like:
    • Below the name is the Quiz description. You can use BBcode in the box (Note that custom BBcodes may not work.)
    • In the 3rd box, set the “Percent Needed:” to get the prize.
    • In the “Winnings:” box, this gives the user this much of the forum's money system if they get over the percent set in step 6. (You can set this to 0 if you don't want any money given out.)
    • In the next box, “Time Out:” you set how long people have to complete the quiz. This is so you can have it auto submit after a certain amount of time to prevent people from just looking up the answers. Or you can disable it by setting the time to 0.
    • “Only let X amount of users play:” This lets you decide how many people can attempt/complete the quiz. If you enter 5 then the quiz will automatically close after the 5th person. You can set 0 to let as many people play as want to.
    • “Item Prizes:” This allows you to give users items as prizes if they get the percentage. You can use it with or instead of the forum money. (But you can only give items if you've got them set up.)
    • “Quiz Running Time:” This is how long the quiz will be open for people to try it. After this time, the quiz closes and people can't play it anymore. (Note, you can always re-open a quiz so people can play it again.)
  5. Alternatively, choose “Edit Questions & Answers” to modify the existing questions or add more.
  6. After picking the type of editing to do, click the “Submit Changes” button to be take to the page to make the changes.
  7. After making the changes, click the button at the very bottom to save them.
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