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Media gallery is a fun gallery where you can share images, video, and music with others via the forum and in organized categories and settings. Members can create their own albums of content, or contribute to ones you create.

First-time Setup

  • 1. Login to the AdminCP.
  • 2. Uncollapse the “Media Gallery” category box. Choose Media Types.
  • 3. Allow at least ONE media type. Allow them all if you wish by selecting “Yes” to each one. Save settings.
  • 4. Now click “Manage Settings”
  • 5. Enable the gallery? → set to Yes.
  • 6. Allow users to create galleries on the homepage? → Yes
  • 7. Allow users to create sub galleries? (Where allowed) → Yes
  • 8. Now in your admincp, go to Users and Groups → manage user groups. Edit the “admin” group, or whatever your current group is. Scroll down to media gallery system permissions. Set them ALL to “Yes.” and save.
  • 9. Now go to the board index. You should see after saving the settings, in your navigation bar there is a link to the gallery. if not, your gallery is located at yoururl/index.php?act=gallery. Click it/Go to it.
  • 10. Your gallery will be bare of files/categories. To rectify this, a bar should appear with options.

GalleryCP: ( Add New File · My Galleries · My Profile · Advanced Search )

Click “GalleryCP.” Then in the left menu, choose “Add New Gallery.”

Just fill out the information. Leave the defaults if you want, and type a description and name. Click OK, and you have just added a gallery!

  • 11. Adding files to the gallery is simple. Choose · Add new image/video and if you set permissions properly, you should be able to submit a file into the gallery. To test, use this image file: http://forum.jcink.com/style_images/1/icon10.gif and submit.

The gallery should have the image now.

  • 12. You should go back to your adminCP and configure group settings for the other member groups now. Decide what you want them to be able to do. You may also want to edit the group permissions you just made. You can do this any time under “My Galleries”
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