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General Configuration

Here you'll find a set of settings that affect the board in general. Change your board title as seen by the web browser, enable Unreal Portal modification as homepage, and set debug levels (status in the footer, such as system load, page execution time). You can also choose the copyright you wish to display. This section also now contains the settings for the Mobile mode (“On” or “Off” only.)

PM Set up

This is where admins can configure whether users may use BBcode in their personal messages, what the maximum number of messages to show per page is, and whether to enable the use of the inline PM option.

Note - If the inline PM option is enabled, admins must include <% PM %> in the wrappers (on every skin) where they want the PM to show up. If they don't include this but have the inline PM enabled, it will register that the member has 0 new personal messages.

News Set-up

This allows the admin to create a line on the forum (just over the first visible category) that states: ”< forumname > 's latest news: < topic name / link >”. This link updates whenever a new topic is posted in that section so it always shows the most relevant new topic. This section controls whether the line is visible and where the system gets the latest news from.


This section contains the options for the Calendar integration to the forum. It allows admins to determine whether birthdays show up in the forum (whether or not the birthday section is hidden when no birthdays are approaching or whether it is visible at all times.) It also allows admins to choose how far in advance to show events on the forum from the calendar. (All data shown on the forum will appear at the bottom of the index under the “Board Statistics” heading.)

Email Set-up

This is where admins set the email address that the forum will use for all outgoing (and incoming) emails. This address will be used for Personal Message notifications and emails sent from other users via the send email feature.

Due to the various free email options, it may be a good idea to have an email address used for your forum other than your personal one to prevent any issues that may arise.(This also gives your forum a dedicated email that members can use to contact you if they can't reach you via the forum.)

Note - Jcink does not provide email addresses. Nor will this feature be added. So you need to use your own email address.

COPPA Set-up

This is where admins enable the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA 1998). When this is enabled, users that register are forced to select whether their birthday is before or after the current date minus 13 years. (To indicate whether or not they are over 13). Users that pick the under 13 option are then marked “COPPA Request” in the Validating bin so they need to have their accounts manually validated. The text box in the COPPA set up area is used to provide the contact details of where to get the COPPA forms (and where to send them) if an adult wants to certify that the child is allowed on the forum. (Though if admins elect to they may opt to not enter their details but follow a policy of deleting any users that indicate they are under 13.)

Security & Privacy

Security (High)

These are “paranoid” settings for your board. Note that turning them on can cause inconvenience for some users. It has been reported that the browser matching option does not work for everyone, and if you set session expiration TOO low, users will get logged out too fast. Dynamic images can be a problem, but in general, this won't affect too much if you decide to disable it.

Security (Medium)

Hiding users email addresses in this section is a good idea to leave on. That way their email remains private and any messages get sent through the board itself. Enabling it does pose a mild risk of leaving the address open to spam. The second option is to require a members have a CAPTCHA to post. Only enable this if you're getting majorly human or bot spammed by someone. It will really slow them down because they'll need to enter a security code for every post they make, rending their bot programs useless. But this is annoying, and not recommended for regular day to day use.

Security (Troublesome Users)

This section contains minor security features to handle problematic users. Amongst core features you can enable PM Logging, flood control, and disable new registrations. You can also handle registration validation by Email Validation or Admin Validation. Note: Email Validation is NOT recommended at all. Email validation does NOT work for some email providers such as hotmail, and will block this validation mail as spam. Admin Validation is a good idea to use if you want to manually approve every user that signs up via the Users and Groups → Manage Validating section.

Topics, Posts & Polls

The Topics, Posts & Polls page gives you various options on the set up of your Topics, Posts & Polls. From topic prefixes, to the number of topics listed on the forum index, this page is where you need to navigate to when you wish to change something about the way your Topics, Posts & Polls are set up.

This page also houses the Hide hack, RSS Feed Bot, and Trash can feature.

User Profiles

This is where the admin can change several of the various options regarding the user's profiles. Options like:

  • Whether to use more simple styled profile view or the newer Personal Portal style.
  • Whether members can change skins.
  • How long the interests, signature and location fields can be.
  • How many posts or topics users can select to show per page.
  • Whether user name changes are auto-approved or not.
  • The maximum allowed size for avatars.
  • And whether guests can view signatures, images or avatars.

Date & Time Formats

This is where the admin sets the default timezone for the forum, including whether or not Daylight Savings Time is in effect or not. This page also has an option to allow admins to add or subtract time on the forum's clock if they notice that the server's clock gets out of sync. Admins can also choose whether the forum uses relative times like Today or 20 minutes ago instead of the exact date and times. Finally, admins can also configure how the date and times appear on the forum.

Board on/off

This setting allows to turn your forum on or off. If your forum is turned off, Everyone will see a message that is set by an administrator. Only select groups (configurable via the manage groups page in the Users and Groups section) are allowed to see the offline forum which is also set by a forum administrator.

Board Guidelines

A section for you to write board rules that will appear during registration.

Search Engine Spiders

This allows the admin to configure how the various search engines see their forum. It allows admins to force the search engine to see certain skin or be treated like a part of a specific group (with that group's permission mask.) or whether or not the search engines appear as anonymous users. This page also allows admins to rename certain search engines to whatever they want them to be called.

Warning Set-up

This allows the admin to set up the warning panel for moderators, global moderators and admins to use to send warnings to members when they violate a forum's rules. From here admins can set:

  • How many warning levels there are.
  • Which groups are protected (thus can't be warned.)
  • Whether members can see their own warning level or not.
  • Whether warnings can continue after the maximum has been reached.
  • Whether the warnings display as graphical blocks or a percentage system.
  • Which group is the designated banned member group. (You can set your own group if you want or use the default banned group.)
  • Whether moderators/global moderators can ban from the warn panel.
  • Whether moderators/global moderators can mod queue from warn panel. (Mod queue is when a member cannot make new replies without them being approved by staff first.)
  • Whether moderators/global moderators can remove posting rights via warn panel.
  • How many times moderators/global moderators can warn a person per day.
  • Whether automatic warn pruning is enabled. (Enabling this gives you further options to set up, allowing you to set up when the system clears warns off. Though by enabling this Moderators cannot remove warn points anymore.)

Welcome Messages

New members often like to feel welcomed to your board. What better way is there to welcome them than sending them a pm with information about your board, or creating a topic for other users to welcome them to your board in?

The Welcome Messages feature allows you to create Automated posts and/or automated pm's which are sent/posted as soon as they register. You can customize both what the PM and topic says, plus choose which forum you wish for the topic to be posted in, along with who you want to be the creator of the automated topic/pm.

Domain Control Center

The Domain Control Center lets you replace your b1.jcink.com name with your own domain.
Please see this guide to learn to set up your domain for multiple hosts.

Reputation Set-up

The reputation system allows members to give or take away reputation points for any or no reason at all. From this page, admins can configure the various options about the reputation system. From:

  • The number of posts needed to use the reputation system.
  • How many times a member can change another's in a day. (Useful to prevent mass giving or taking rep points. Or for members trying to use the system for other abusive purposes.)
  • Whether posting rights are removed if they dip below a certain reputation.
  • How long posting rights are removed if they are removed when reputation dips.
  • Whether reputation changes can be made in member's profiles or in the reputation system itself.
  • Whether certain forums are excluded from being allowed to give/take reputation in. (This can be multiple forums, but each one must be separated by a comma with no space between them. EX- “2,3,4,5”. You can find the forum's ID by visiting the exact forum you want to restrict changes to then looking at the number after “showforum=” in the URL bar.)
  • How many reputation changes to show in the stats page.
  • How many respected users to show. (The members with the most good points.)
  • What the maximum length allowed for the “reason” box to tell why the rep is being changed. (Set in bytes… 1 letter equals one byte.)
  • Whether emoticons and/or BBcode can be used in the reason box.
  • Whether users can comment on their reputation changes.
  • Whether anonymous voting is allowed. (This is so members can change other's reputations without their identity being given… be careful though, the system doesn't record who makes the rep change so this can be abused.)
  • How many posts are needed to use anonymous voting.
  • What the title for anonymous voters is for adding and removing rep points.
  • What the title for positive rep points is, and how many rep points are needed to get it.
  • What the titled for negative rep points is, and how many points are needed to get it.
  • Whether a member must have a certain amount of reputation points before they can change their member title. (Leave blank to disable this.)
  • Finally, whether to recount all members reputations.

Navigation Bar Set-up

Java script codes which add links to a boards submenu are a must on most boards hosted by free forum hosting services. The idea works well, though they are not that customizable and easy to edit for some people and they also slow down your board.

The Navigation Bar Set-Up feature allows you to add, remove, change the order of, and customize the links in your submenu with out using any codes to slow down your board. This feature also allows you to add new icons next to the link like the default links have so your submenu can look professional AND have the links you want up there.

IRC/Live Chat Settings

IRC chat rooms are an extremely popular add on to peoples boards at the moment. This feature can help you set up and mildly customize an IRC chat room for your board in a matter of a few minutes.

Chat rooms have a reputation of looking bad on free hosted boards, as they are usually placed on a tacky makeshift page, or the rules section of a forum. This feature will add a Java IRC chat room to your board on its own integrated page so look is not a concern. You also have a choice in which Java Applet you wish to use on your board, Coolsmile, or PJ IRC.

Your users are not limited to the JAVA applet on your board, they can also access your chat room through downloaded clients, such as the mIRC client.

Modification Enabler

The Modification Enabler allows the admin to activate additional features of their forum to expand it's capabilities. Features like:

  • Unreal Portal - A more advanced portal system that allows for admin customization with user created blocks/sections.
  • Arcade - An arcade that users can add additional games to (must store games on external host.)
  • IB Store - A store system with a built in bank.
  • Shoutbox - A simple (but integrated) shoutbox.
  • Lottery - A system that users buy tickets for and attempt to win prizes.
  • Affiliates - A system that allows other sites to affiliate with them, putting a banner for mutual exchange of activity.
  • Media Gallery - A gallery that displays (externally hosted) images, songs or youtube videos. Allows for members to comment on them also.


  1. Most of the additional mods start off disabled… Only the Shoutbox starts off enabled.
  2. Once a mod is enabled, the user must refresh the page (Windows users can press F5, or the refresh button in their browser) to see the newly enabled mod's options appear on the left hand side of the page with the others.

For information on how to set up the individual modifications after they're enabled, please read this page

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