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The Unreal Portal allows you to create a highly customised front page for your Forum. This enables you to share latest news easily as well as highlight certain Board Statistics and recent Polls, Events or Posts made throughout your forum, all in individual “blocks” displayed where you want them.

Hints & Tips
* Make sure you have the Portal enabled in the Mod Enabler
* To access the Portal use index.php?act=portal
* If you use the Shoutbox it will appear at the top of the Portal regardless of whether you use the D-Shoutbox block
* Don't forget to read the Setup Guide at the bottom of this page for trouble shooting help

Portal Main

The main control point for the Portal. Allows you to set the widths of each column, determine which of the in-built Blocks you want to use and generally customise what your members will see.

Align Blocks

Every block you have displayed can be moved around and positioned in either the Left, Right or Central columns. Just change the drop down option to move the block.

Reorder Blocks

Blocks can also be moved up and down the page so the most important ones are easily accessible for your members. The lower the number, the higher it will appear up that column.

Add Custom Blocks

You can also create new blocks for your Portal. An example would be:

Block Name: custom1
Block Title: My Custom Block
Block HTML: Hello and welcome to <b>My Custom Block</b> the only <u>Custom Block</u> like it!

As you can see from the example you can use full HTML code in the Block HTML box.

Edit Custom Blocks

Allows you to Edit any previously made Custom Blocks.

Delete Custom Blocks

Allows you to Delete any previously made Custom Blocks.

Add Custom Content

Custom Content is different from Custom Blocks. It uses a predefined pair of blocks that interact with one another; when you click a link on one block, information is shown on the other. Custom Content is created in a similar style to Custom Blocks, as this example shows:

Content Name: customcontent1
Content Title: My Custom Content
Block HTML: Look when you click <b>My Custom Content</b> this <u>magically</u> appears, hope you like it!

With the above example when you click on the My Custom Content link the HTML will be displayed on a separate block. This is very useful for site FAQ's.

Edit Custom Content

Allows you to Edit any previously made Custom Content.

Delete Custom Blocks

Allows you to Delete any previously made Custom Content.

Setup Guide

Make sure you have the Portal enabled in the Mod Enabler

  1. Go to ACP > System Settings > General Configuration and set Use Unreal Portal to Yes. (Tip: You can also set the Portal to be your Default front page here.)
  2. Go to ACP > Unreal Portal > Portal Main and add some content. Done :)

Predefined Blocks

The Portal comes with a wealth of predefined Blocks that can be enabled or disabled in the Portal Main window. This gives a brief description of what each does.


Allows you to leave a message on your Portal for all to read. You can use HTML in the Text input box.


Adds to skin selector to the page if you have it enabled.


Shows poll results from a thread of your choice. All current forum polls are shown in the drop down box.


Shows articles from a designated forum or forums. You can set the number of articles to be shown, how many characters of an article will be shown and whether articles have display cut-off dates.


Gives search functionality for the Web or your forum or both.


Displays the forum calender with any upcoming events highlighted.


Adds a random “Joke of the Day”; changes after each page load.


Displays the latest threads/posts. You set how many are displayed.


Provides a selection of quick links around your forum; you can add your own as well.

Log-In Box:

Quick log-in for members.

Welcome Panel:

Useful panel for members to keep track of changes since last visit.


Actually four blocks in one: Top Forums, New Members, Hall of Fame and Statistics. Top Forums displays most used forums; New Members displays the newest registered members; Hall of Fame displays the top posters (all can be set to display “x” many). Statistics basically displays the Board Statistics from the Index Page in a block.


D-Shoutbox: If you have the Shoutbox online then you can choose to display it on the Portal page in a block.

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