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As the name describes, you can pre-register users here directly from the ACP. Useful to reserve names for someone you know, or if you're moving your boards from somewhere else and want to pre-register everyone's account.

Find/Edit/Suspend User

The main place to go to manage members. Almost all aspects of modifying member accounts are available in this section, and searchable in a variety of ways.

List Suspended Users

Does as the title suggests

Ban Settings

This section allows you to modify, delete or add IP addresses, email addresses and reserved names to the ban filters. Wildcard bans are supported. For example, if you know a user's IP constantly changes, but the first two numbers remain the same (ex, then you would enter 123.45.*.* to make sure that user can't get online with that IP “range” ever again. Make sure you do not leave any blank spaces in the banned IP addresses area.

Note that by doing this, you may ban some innocent users. For example, by banning 123.45.*.*, you are banning an entire neighborhood so to speak. IP addresses in the same areas/neighborhoods often start with the same first two numbers. Also, be careful when wilcard banning. AOL IP addresses. Those are mass-shared amongst millions of people.

User Title/Ranks

User titles/ranks allows the admin to create specific titles for members based on post counts. The titles can either be text only (like: “Advanced Member”) or they can be paired with images (called pips) which can be configured from the Macros section. (In the Skins & Templates section of the Admin control panel.) Admins may also input their own urls to apply their own custom graphics for each level they want to create.

Manage User Groups

The Manage User Groups section allows the admin to create new user groups by choosing which group to use for a base then clicking the “Set up New Group” button. Admins can also edit the existing group's options by clicking the “Edit group” link next to the group name. This will take them to a page that allows them to configure various options like:

  • The group's name;
  • Which permission mask(s) they use;
  • How much they're allowed to upload;
  • They prefix and suffix for list and name formatting (which is used to make names a specific color or bold.);
  • Whether they can see the forum if it is offline or not;
  • If they can use the Personal Message system or not;
  • Whether they can reply to their own posts;
  • Whether they can Delete their own posts;
  • And much more.

Note - This section will expand when various mods are active on your forum. (EX- if you have the IBstore mod enabled you will see options for the moderation of the IBstore so you can set whether the group can fine members or if they get a discount at the shop.) So enabling a new mod may require that you edit member groups to configure the new settings.

If you pay for Ad Free, then you can configure which groups are allowed to view the forum Ad free from this section. (Though if you disable certain groups from being Ad Free you may NOT use your own ads because it would end up displaying both sets of ads to that group which violates the Terms of Service.)

Prefix/Suffix Example

You can set the color or style of a usergroup and the members within it by changing the “Online List Format [Prefix]” and “Online List Format [Suffix]” in the group settings

To make all admins red for example, you would edit the Administrator group. Then pick a color code using the hex color wheel here: https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/ we will use #f72323 which is bright red.

In Online List Format [Prefix], put:

 <span style='color: #f72323;'>

In Online List Format [Suffix], put:


You can also use classes instead of inserting the style inline.

In Online List Format [Prefix], put:

 <span class='admin'>

In Online List Format [Suffix], put:


Then in stylesheets/css, put:

 .admin { color: #f72323; }

Manage Validating

This is where all accounts go when they need to be manually addressed by an admin (or member with the appropriate permissions). Common reasons for this happening are:

  • The admin has chosen to use Admin validation for all members.
  • The anti-spam system has detected a user attempting to register that matches a details in the system.
  • The member is attempting to change their name when the admin has chosen each name must be admin approved.
  • The COPPA system is enabled and a member under the age of 13 joins. (It will display COPPA Request by their name though.)

(These issues can also be resolved via the Mod CP by a user group with Mod CP access.)

This page will show you all the details about the user who is in need of manual assistance. Information like: their username, what sort of action is required, their email address used to create the account, when the request for assistance was made and how old the request is/how many hours or days it's been since requesting.

Custom Profile Fields

Custom profile fields allow users to create their own variables to store all sorts of data and then later call it from a variety of places. One example is to add a Playstation Network ID or an Xbox Live ID to the mini-profiles. It can also be used to add video and music players to the user's profile. They can also be set to show up on the new account registration page with the option that they have to be completed. Which is useful, for example, for referrer information. Additionally they can be set to hidden so only staff of that forum can see that particular field.

Bulk Email Members

Bulk emailing members can be used to send them newsletters, updates about the forums, alters, mail inactive users to visit again, and more. This feature will allow you to generate a list of emails that you can copy and paste into your email provider's “Sent to:” line. The list can be used on services such as Gmail, AOL, MSN and other email providers. As a note, you cannot email people from the forum itself. You MUST use a 3rd party email provider.

The feature to mail directly FROM the board was removed due to spam problems, and will not be added back.

Mass PM Members

The mass PM members option allows the admin to compose then send a Personal Message to specific groups. They can select which groups they want the message sent to by checking “Yes” next to the relevant group name. This feature also allows admins to send to only those currently online or to send to all groups.

Who the message comes from will always be who signed into the ACP to send the mass PM. (This cannot be changed.)

NOTE - admins may use BBcode in the message, but not HTML.

IP Address Tools

This allows the admin to perform several look ups of IP information. The first option is to look up every IP a specific member has used to post with. (Which is highly useful for determining if someone has a static IP address, or if they're using a proxy like TOR.)

The second box allows the admin to look up in the databases all the times a specific IP was used (for registering, voting, while emailing members, while validating their account and finally, if it is listed in any anti-spam databases) and where the IP is located.

Member Awards

This page allows the admin to assign specific awards to users. (The awards must be created by the admin. There are no built in awards at this time.) Admins who want to give an award simply enter the User (to who they want to give the award's) ID, the award name, the url to an award image, who the award was given by, a short description of the award, then finally they select whether the award displays on the mini profile.

The admin may also search for awards of a given user (by entering their member ID.)

The member ID is the number displayed when you click on their username. EX- showuser=1 (or member ID 1) is always the admin who created the forum.

Legend Display Order

This allows the admin to set a specific order for groups that appear in the “Users active in the last X minutes” section (with the exception of the Guest group). Each group has a dropdown menu with a number in it. Number 1 always appears first on the list and the highest number will be on last in the list. (This is useful if you want it set so that staff always appear first on the list so members can easily locate them).

This section also displays the group ID number which can be useful for other functions.

Note - The “Members Online Today” section is sorted alphabetically, this currently cannot be changed.

User Created Groups

This mod allows admins to give the users the ability to create their own groups. (You'll have to click the “Edit Settings” in order to see the option to enable it and where to make the forums for it.) Once a group is created, the admin can then make changes to the group from this page. They can change who the group is owned by, which forum is the dedicated “club house”, and whether or not the group is suspended.

Note - Once a group is created, be sure to check the permission masks to ensure the forum is only viewable to those desired to see it.

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