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The Administration Control Panel (ACP) or Admin CP is the primary area on a Jcink Forum where all the forum tasks related to the upkeep, improvement or modifications are done. Below shows sections of the Admin CP which you may be able to find documentation on by clicking. Each block, or section of the ACP is shown below.

System Settings

  • Edit forum settings such as security features, posting abilities, etc. This section is the largest in JFH and houses many features, as well as the keys to enable them for your forum.

Forum Control

  • The section controlling your forum's layout, permission masks and individual section moderators.

Users and groups

  • The place to manage all of your user related settings. Edit, register, remove and ban members. Set up member titles and ranks. Manage User Groups and moderated registrations and more.


Skins & Templates


  • Run tools to find out more detailed information about your forum. Recount statistics such as total post count and members.

Database Management

Board Logs

  • Read logs of various activities that have occured on your forum. View Moderator Logs, Admin Logs, Email Logs Warn Logs and PM Logs if enabled.

Custom BBcodes

  • Make your own BBCodes like [QUOTE], [CODE], etc. Add a [YOUTUBE] tag to post youtube videos. This is the place to create your own simple BBCodes for members to use.

Media Gallery

  • Media gallery is a fun gallery script where you can share images, video, and music with others via the forum and in organized categories and settings. Members can create their own albums of content, or contribute to ones you create.

Unreal Portal

  • Unreal Portal allows you to create a highly customised front page for your Forum. This enables you to share latest news easily as well as highlight certain Board Statistics and recent Polls, Events or Posts made throughout your forum, all in individual “blocks” displayed where you want them.
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