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You may wonder how to change or rename your forum URL, address, or name, such as yourboardname.jcink.net to renamedboardname.jcink.net

The simple answer is: you can't. Board URL names are set in stone when registered and cannot be changed.


The answer to why this feature doesn't exist stems from the always present issue that some people are irresponsible with their boards. Root administrators can become careless, and a malicious user who got in could rename their board and it would never been seen again, lodged in the system in an unknown location. This not only makes restoring backups more complicated, but the board that had the name changed would have to be tracked down. We have considered storing records of every single name change to backtrace it when things like that happen, but all in all this feature is more trouble to add than we feel it's worth at this time.


Fortunately, there's two easy alternatives:

  • Register a new board
  • Add a custom domain to your board, or a free subdomain from a service. More information about setting up domains here: JFH -> Domains.
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