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Creating a forum

Why choose JFH ?

Jcink Forum Hosting boasts an impressive number of features, all on a stable forum software. It should be noted that the following list is not perfect, listing every feature would take far too long to be practical, especially given that JFH are continuing to grow through the guidance of Jcink and members like you who utilize the request feature forum.

  • Built in Skin changer.
  • XML Skin importer/exporter. (So you can save your skins as an .xml file for easy backup or transfer to other Jcink boards. And so you can easily reinstall the skin later.)
  • Jcink Skin Importer. (These are a selection of well made skins available for easy importing.)
  • Set individual skins per forum.
  • Infinite sub-boards.
  • Built in Affiliates system.
  • Built in Portal system.
  • Built in Gallery system.
  • Built in Arcade. (With the option to link in your own flash games.)
  • Built in Bank/shop system.
  • Built in Shoutbox.
  • Custom fields. (so you can create things that ask like: XBL tag, PSN ID, twitter name or a slot for the link to the character sheet…)
  • Custom BBcodes.
  • Custom mini-profiles. (Can be dressed up with CSS. Can also use custom fields in them too.)
  • Optional PM logging. (Very useful against PM advertisers.)
  • Webpage maker. (So you can create custom webpages and link them. Or you can use them to create one code blocks to install in skins. EX- <% sidebar %> to store your sidebar info so you can update several skins from 1 spot.)
  • A working search feature.
  • Free MySQL backups (so you can get backups of your forum whenever you want. Jcink recommends at least once a week.)
  • Optional Personal portal-style profiles. (Shows more info, like last posts, who visited the profile recently, etc…)
  • “Members online today” mod built right in.
  • Trashcan mod. (To prevent groups from being able to completely delete topics or posts.)
  • Ability to create user created groups. (Which members can then invite other members to join into.)
  • Free alternate URL. (EX- yoursite.jfbs.net instead of yoursite.b1.jcink.com).
  • Quoted posts get put right in reply box.
  • Option to use quick edit. (Uses AJAX instead of loading whole standard edit page.)
  • Ability to apply a secondary password to Amin or Mod CP. (So aside from needing their own password, users would need the secondary password too. Failing either would prevent login and make it tougher for hijackers.)
  • Optional Jcink hosted IRC chat room.
  • Built in IRC client (Mibbit) and settings for IRC.
  • Admin configured option for members to change their name either by admin approval or without needing approval. (So members can change their names from their “My Control” panel.)
  • Each forum has it's own filemanager with 500 MB for attachments.
  • The Sub-Accounts mod. (Allows users to link their accounts together so they can easily switch accounts.)
  • And much more…

Click here for a glimpse of all the options available in the ACP.

How to register a forum

  1. Go to JFH Sign up page (It will look like: this.)
  2. In the box under: “Forum name:” enter the name you want for your forum. (See note 1.)
  3. In the second box (“Email Address”) enter a valid email address. (See note 2.)
  4. Then click: “Begin Creation Now”.
  5. You will be taken to screen that looks like this. The information you provided from before should be entered in the proper spots.
  6. Choose your username in the 2nd box ( “Username” ).
  7. Then enter a secure password in both the “Password” and “Retype your password” boxes.
  8. Next enter the security code exactly as it appears. (If the security code is not appearing, see note 3.)
  9. Then click the link to the Terms of Service. Read them carefully. (The Terms of Service.) If you do not agree to the Terms of Service then do not register a forum.
  10. Now, once you've read the Terms of Service, tick the checkbox beside ”← Check here”
  11. Review the information in the boxes to make sure it is accurate, then proceed to the final step…
  12. Finally, click the “Sign up!” button.
  13. If all goes well, then the forum will be created and directed to a page that looks like this, with your new forum's url at the top. (It is a good idea to bookmark your URL so you can find it easily.)


  1. Once you complete the sign up process with that name, it cannot be changed. So make sure the spelling is exactly how you want it.
  2. This email address is important because it will be used to verify that you own the forum if anything ever happens. So be sure to use a legitimate one. (Also be sure to keep your password for that email account safe.)
  3. If the security code isn't appearing for you, make sure you have Javascript enabled and Ad-blocking disabled then try again. (If this still doesn't help, please create a topic in the General Support forum.)
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