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Jcink Forum Hosting - Security

Security - a must for any website, server, forum, and virtually anything on the internet. Fortunately, staying secure with JFH is easy if you follow some basic steps.

Anti-Spam & Proxies

  • JFH has an anti-spam feature that can automatically run an IP address against background checks to see if it is a known spammer/proxy address. This can keep your forums safer from unwanted users.


  • On free services, there is no more common way of getting your board cracked than guessing the password. A strong password is your best bet to secure your forum, and nearly anything else you own online. Without it, you are at a risk.

Database Backups

  • JFH allows you to take a database backup anytime you want. This is essential to keeping your forum secure. If something happens, we can restore from your last point.

Jcink.com staff

  • There are 2 simple rules you need to know about your forum:
  1. Jcink.com staff will almost never ask for your password
    There may be extremely rare cases where an individual account is affected so access to that account may be needed. But in those cases users will be asked to change their password to another one they can give out. And this will ONLY be handled on the support forum by JFH staff and nowhere/no one else.
  2. Jcink.com staff may ask to set up an Admin account BUT they will only ask for this at the official support forum (nowhere else).

If you get emails or personal messages (PMs) on other sites that say they are from any of the staff, then please don't fall for it. This is a scam. Jcink.com staff do not need help to become administrators - we have tools to do so from our end. And we will always ask for permission before making ourselves Administrators on a forum, the only exception to this is when we have received a Terms of Service report that includes links to content in hidden areas we need access to see, and even in this instance we do not need an account to view it.

If a member has created an account on your forum using the name of one of the Jcink.com staff and you feel that they may be impersonating one of theme then please contact the staff member in question on the Support Forum, to have them confirm or deny that it is in fact their account.

Forum raids/spam attacks

A forum raid is never fun. For the most part, it is a temporary issue and one that does not usually happen to most people unless their board is about a controversial issue. The guide below however shows you how to lock up tight.

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