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Forum raids are where a bunch of people, from websites, other forums etc or even one site with a lot of people get together and decide to “raid” a forum. This includes signing up a ton of accounts, spamming in topics, basically making your forum a mess.

Most people don't have to deal with such things, unless their forum is about a subject that people are prone to try to pick on, and/or take down. It can also happen if you're an idiot, and something you've angered a lot of people. Whatever the case, it usually happens to big forums but it sometimes happen to small ones too. And it can be done on small levels too.

Usually they just sneak up on people. You don't see it coming. But if you happen to be online/see your forum being raided, here are the best things you can do:

Turn your board offline. First thing.

AdminCP » System Settings » Board on/off.

Kill new registrations. Do this under:

AdminCP » System Settings » Security and Privacy » Disable new registrations option.

Turn on flood control

Make it something like a whole minute. System Settings » Security and Privacy » Flood Control delay (in seconds).


Mop up the current mess of your posts, and turn the board back online. When cleaning up, either move the stuff to trash or just delete. Don't click on any links posted in the topics, sometimes viruses get posted. There will probably be porn and things like that, so expect it, and delete it all before you turn the forums back on.

Basically now what you've done for your forum is stop their ability to raid and cleaned up. You may have some preregistered accounts, if they come out, just catch them and delete them.

Where to go from here?

Well depending on what you may have done/why they're mad, or where it started from, they may just move on and leave the forum alone. Or they may be back another time, since they know you cant leave registrations off forever. Wait it out and see what happens. Then open registrations again, possibly by admin validation. And then turn on full registration again when you're comfortable and lower the flood control.

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