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Jcink Forum Hosting -> Skinning -> Export/Importing

Jcink Forum Hosting has a feature that makes it easy for you to import, backup/export, and install new skin XML files or pieces of them to mix and match. There is nothing else to do - it's simply one click importing of skin files.


Throughout the Skins & Templates section of the Admin CP, at the bottom of each section is an upload box that you can select a skin file and import part of, or all of a packaged skin.

This benefits two groups of users.

If you're…

A style designer: You can simply export your skins in their entirety or just parts. There's no need to prepare lists of image macros, or post specific places to paste wrappers - you simply have to hand the user a single file to upload and they're done. This makes sharing your work much easier.

A board administrator/style user: Installing skins with this system is a snap for you. You don't have manually piece together anything anymore if a file is available (beyond any specific skin instructions by the creator on how to change certain elements.) Importing is instant, and easy. Want to carry a skin of yours over to another JFB board somewhere? No problem, just export it and take it with you.

How to Use


Importing of new skins is available under Admin CP → Skins and Templates → Manage Skin Sets. At the bottom area you will see “Create new skin set” with an upload form to browse for a file. This is the place to go to upload COMPLETE skin sets. Here is an example skin set to try saving and uploading:

Alpha Plus 2.x

It should be noted that you do not have to import the whole skin. Under the three sections - Board Wrappers, Macros, and Stylesheets, there is also an upload box. This upload box is programmed to only extract those pieces of content from a skin file. An example would be if you only wanted the macro set or stylesheet from the above skin - but didn't want the complete package. All you would need to do is upload one of the files to the appropriate category.


Exporting for others use or your own use is very easy. If you want to export a complete skin set, under Admin CP → Skins and Templates → Manage Skin Sets, every skin set has an “export” link available. Just click it to prompt a file download and you have the complete skin set in your hands.

Additionally, if you only want to export certain parts of a skin, there are individual export links in the Board Wrappers, Macros, and Stylesheets sections as well.

Construct of Files

Skin files are XML based. They have 3 core sections, which are shown below. This is just for reference for developers so they can see how we've laid out the XML file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<skinname>Skin Name Here</skinname>
<date>The date it was exported is here</date>

The CSS appears here

Board wrappers appear here

 <item name='MACRO_KEY_NAME'>
  Macros appear in here, and
  each macro's corresponding key
  and replacement sits in their own
  item tags.

Other Information

  • At the time of this writing, there are not many skin sets available that use this feature because it is new. You can check our support board's Skins section to see which ones are available in this format. In time, we hope that this feature will be used as the primary method to deliver skin content to everyone.
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