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JFH: Blacklisted For Spam?

Whenever you register for a new board or sign up at any forum, the IP address you are assigned by your ISP is background-checked. The background-check data is not maintained by Jcink Forum Hosting; but is rather a compilation of data put together by non-profit organizations dedicated to stopping spam. StopForumSpam is one such example.

The anti-spam system is like a global neighborhood watch that helps keep the service cleaner from threats and spammers. But it is not perfect and due to the dynamic nature of IP addresses, innocent users can be marked for spam.

TL,DR; Jcink DID NOT blacklist your IP address. The DNSBLs did, and you should carefully read ahead.

Effects of Being Blacklisted

On our service, if you are blacklisted by any of the neighborhood watches, then the following will occur:

  • Your account will require manual validation after being tagged as using a Blacklisted IP address by the board administrator of the forum you are registering for.
  • You will be blocked from creating new forums on Jcink Forum Hosting entirely until you are unlisted.

The admin of an individual forum can enable or disable this functionality. It is up to the admin of the forum how they want to handle flagged registrations, not us. Many opt to keep the system enabled because it is effective and works well 99% of the time.

However, because of severe abuse by spammers, if blacklisted, you won't be able to register a new forum without emailing us for further assistance, or getting yourself removed from the blacklist.

I'm NOT a spammer, I've never spammed anyone! How did this happen?

You are in no way being personally accused of spamming. Someone (not you) who had your IP address used it to spam in the past or even quite recently, and so they logged it to their database.

Let's say you are using an internet service provider and:

1. Spammer 'George' with IP exists in your town or somewhere near by. They've been spamming pills, viruses, email, and forums with this junk for 3 months or more. Oh my! This has caused them to get blacklisted because they've been noticed everywhere.

2. Spammer 'George' decided they are done abusing these services or IP and move on to a different one. Their current IP address is released into the pool where anyone can use it. George doesn't care. Neither does his internet service provider or hosting who should have cut him off a long time ago, compounding the problem.

3. You, an innocent user, are now liable to pick-up this IP address especially on providers where IPs are highly dynamic. How does the blacklist know that you aren't a spammer at this point? It does not; at least not until no activity is noticed for a long time. George is off abusing the next IP until he finally gets kicked off. Some ISPs are worse about this than others and will just allow an abuser to stay online for months.

This is very likely how you have been blacklisted while doing nothing wrong.

I'm NOT a spammer, How can I resolve this problem?

You can resolve this problem by changing your IP address to a clean one through resetting your modem or router, but this doesn't always work.

If that doesn't work, you can fill out the form at the places you are blacklisted at.


Further Assistance

Clicking the form links will let you know if you have been blacklisted by either or, or both. If you do not show up in either listing, please contact us for further assistance. Additionally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email admin@jcink.com - we won't treat you like an abuser or spammer. We can help to manually push board registrations through as well.

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