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The Member Awards are a system designed to allow forum Admins to reward their most valuable members. When enabled it allows Awards to be displayed in Mini Profiles (to the left of all posts in topic) and can be included in profiles as well as linking to a members personal Award Panel that displays their current achievements.

Set up

To being using the Member Awards first go to Admin CP –> System Settings → User Profiles. Now scroll down about half way until you get to a section entitled Awards. Here you can enable or disable all the features of the awards system.

Enable Awards:

You must enable this if you want to use the Member Awards system.

Disable total awards in topic:

Removes the total number of awards in the mini profile display, preventing access to the personal Awards Panel. Default: No

Enable awards in profile view:

Adds the Award display into the main profile page as well as a link to the personal Awards Panel. Feature currently incompatible with Portal Profiles mod Default: No


Once you have the Awards system set up you can start giving awards. To do follow this link: Admin CP –> Users & Groups → Member Awards and fill in the self explanatory form.


The User ID is commonly referred to as the Member ID and can be found in the mini profile in every post. They are unique to each member so make sure you use the correct one. The image only needs a direct link, do not include HTML or BBCode tags. If the image is not displaying in posts make sure you have Display the award icon set to Yes.

You can Delete or Edit an Award by going to Member Awards in Users & Groups and searching for the member whose awards you want to modify.

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