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Forum-Friendly Third Party Image Hosting

As a board administrator, we recommend uploading images associated with your forum's theme, webpages, and other content directly related to the board. There will be no impact to the speed of your board's service in doing this, and it ensures that the images in-use on the forum will remain there.

You can upload images and organize them into folders via the File Manager located at:

Admin CP → JFH Resources → File Manager.

However, there are some limitations depending on service level…

Limitations of the File Manager

  • Free forums get 500MB of space; while this is more than enough for hosting a lot of theme, scripts, and other content for the forum, and smaller forums that allow uploads; larger communities will hit this limit eventually.
  • There are stricter file size limits on the Free service, limiting the types of uploads and size.
  • Free forums may also not be created with the main intent and use case of just uploading/storing/linking images, per Terms of Service section III, part E, as we are not an image or file hosting service.
  • Premium service offers 2GB in storage space, and an increased file size limit in the file manager, so there is more space; with each individual forum on your plan having its own. While this is an excellent option, it is still not suitable in some cases for every community especially ones with heavy image upload requirements.
  • While there is more space for avatars and other attachments on the forums, members do not have access to the File Manager itself. There is no way to “organize” images into an album or account.

Third Party Image Host List

This is where third party image services can be a useful alternative. We make no guarantees about the reliability or provide support for these services. However, this image hosting list is curated based on ones we believe to (1) forum-friendly based on their terms and, (2) allow free direct linking for your members to use.

Many of them provide BBCode and HTML that users can copy and paste directly after uploading an image for ease of use. These third party services are subject to change at any time, including the terms of service(s) of the individual hosts, so please check them before using.

Image Host URL Description/Notes 32mb limit per image. BBCode/HTML/direct links.
Embeds into the forums with this code copied/placed into Board Wrappers in the footer 100Mb limit per image. BBCode/HTML/direct links. Albums. Similar to Nickpic. Free account required to upload. Hotlinking images of a free account is specifically permitted for “public discussions on a forum/message-board/community.” 24M per image file, BBCode/HTML/direct links.
Image hosting for forums since 2004, anonymous uploads, free accounts. 2mb limit per image. Free private albums. BBCode/HTML/direct links. 100MB limit per image. Unlimited images and GIFs hosting. BBCode/HTML/direct links. provided.

List last updated 5/13/2023

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