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Welcome to the tutorials page. This is where you can find all the tutorials showing you how to use the various aspects of your Jcink Forum. (All in one easy to find location.)

If you need to know how to create a new Jcink forum then visit this page.

Tutorial Link Description
ACP These are tutorials that focus on the Admin Control Panel (ACP), teaching admins how to make changes to their forums or set up and customize the various mods and beyond.
MCP These tutorials focus on teaching how to use the Moderator Control Panel (MCP or Mod CP). From warning members to checking queued topics.
User Tutorials These tutorials focus on showing all users the basic options to control their accounts. Like how to change their names or how to set a signature.
Forum Basics These tutorials show users the basic operations of the forum. From posting to using the mods set up on the forums.
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